We are gearing up to grow even more in Tucson, and have made major strides in doing so, but as we know, bringing this operation to scale here requires us to be firing on all fronts.

Tricor has a unique opportunity in Tucson to capitalize as a secondary market at a time when the labor market is saturated and workers outweigh the current work available. I personally get to be the intermediary between work and labor, and see that growth can only occur when all facets are taken into consideration strategically and responsibly.

From the perspective of our labor capacity, we have tripled our GC base, widening our full scope capability as well as our specialty vendors list to include new services such as pool remodel and repair, glass specialists, and flexible workers who are available for service calls 24/7.

Along with branching out and widening our base, we have also successfully developed a reliable and skilled contractor core that has been with us in Tucson from the start, and continues to stick with us as we grow together.

In regards to increasing our capacity for work, we have strengthened our current partnerships with major clients, earning the title as a preferred partner with each client we have done business with by treating them like they’re the only client we have-providing timely communication and updates throughout the job’s life cycle, as well as problem solving when things don’t go as planned, and overall working constantly to earn trust throughout every step of each project by working to consistently exceed client expectations.

Lastly, from the perspective of growing our capacity as a business to handle and facilitate the work we’ve earned to the labor we’ve curated, I have started the process of recruiting a second CM for Tucson. Before the end of this year, my goal is to source several well-qualified candidates to begin the application process to become a construction manager in Tucson as we plan for what that next chapter will require.

Of course, this is all contingent upon growth in the market, but I can confidently say we are laying down the foundation to build something big here, and it’s exciting to be apart of!